1921 is one of the most awaiting upcoming and exotic Indian Bollywood horror venture. After successfully helming horror movies like Raaz, 1920, Haunted-3D, Raaz 3D and Raaz Reboot, the Indian film director, producer, and a screenwriter Vikram Bhatt is back with yet another horror mystery 1921 under his banner of Lone Ranger Productions working with Esha Desai and Tanya Pathak (associate screenplay) and . It is the fourth installment of the 1920 film series. The music swings of 1921 are featuyred by Harish Sagane, Asad Khan and Pranit Mawale while the lyrics have been lent by Shakeel Azmi and Raqueeb Alam. The Cinematography was done by Prakash Kutty.
The lovely and gorgeous model and actress, Zarine Khan is headlining the film’s cast with romantic actor of television, Karan Kundra in 1921 to set new precedent as far as the horror genre in Bollywood as well as Anupam Kher. Along with them, many others features such as Manjit Singh, Rachel Shaw, Farida Mughal Singh, Jazz, Gee Rob, Gawthorpe Chris Orton, Wayne McAulay, Toby Hinson as Mr Brett, Sonnia Armstrong as Lilly Lopez etc have been cast for this film.

Zarine Khan casting as Rose and Karan Kundra as Ayush is a lovely couple dealing with their dark pasts and secrets to secure their present and future. The film will also reflect around the students of music and also will be put in a university town. It reflects a struggle between life and death which is based entirely in Britain.

The principal photography of the film carried out in May 2017 in various locations of United Kingdom. Bhatt has schemed a scale-up on all counts in case of production values, music, horror quotient, technology etc. owing to made a Victorian and classic look of this film. To ensure authenticity for his new film, the filmmaker shot at real life haunted spots that reflected the era of 1921 with ancient architecture. Due to the most haunted property in the United Kingdom, Wentworth Woodhouse attracted Vikram’s attention which will tell a love story amidst a scare fest.

1921 Hindi Movie Audio Soundtrack:

Sunn Le Zara Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Arnab Dutta

Kuch Iss Tarah Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Arnab Dutta

Yaara Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Arnab Dutta

Tere Bina Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Arijit Singh , Aakanksha Sharma

Aanewale Kal Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Rahul Jain

Aggressive Piano (Theme) Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Pranit Mawale

Main Piano (Theme) Mp3 Song-Download
Singer: Harish Sagane

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With immense response, the trailer of 1921 was welcomed. This fim having the obituary of the horror genre comes a tale of love and horror is going to make fear everyone on the release on 12 January 2018.
The point of this film is just not to scare but to make the audience feel empathize for the characters and want them protected that’s why ‘1921’ is a film that goes beyond the genre which revolves the iving of life in the spirit world and quantum physics . The film has competely created ample amount of anticipation having a boast of great music and goose bump-inducing horror in Victorian period.
The film is going to successful be following Bhatt’s numerous successful outings in similar genres like “Haunted 3D” and the “1920” and “Raaz” franchises. Like the “1920” series, this film also havinga strong romantic and emotional premise which are knocking at the door of audiences at near theaters.